4 ways to buy a house. Where is the trick and what you can save? mamsha al saadiyat


For those who want to buy a new home, selling the old one.

Imported the term came Wednesday realtors in the automotive market. There the customer gives in a salon your old car, pays, and leaves the new. Real estate "trade-in" works the same way: you pass their homes to real estate Agency and pay the difference to the price of a new apartment. Provides for a transitional period.

— Within a maximum of 30 days from the date of conclusion of the contract the client can stay in his old house, transporting belongings to a new home — said "AIF" Yuri Kuvayev, the expert of the company "NDV-real Estate".

buy mamsha al saadiyat basically a new building

Pros: time saving, no need to organize a multilevel exchange scheme with an additional charge.

Cons: you essentially lose the money — the average flat is estimated at 15% less than you could sell it yourself. In addition, according to this scheme you can buy mamsha al saadiyat basically a new building, and sell it — only apartment within the city.

Less secure option: self-sale and subsequent purchase of new. While you are without an apartment, the price of property can jump.

A more reliable option: the usual  in the Agency — first, select a buyer for the old house, and then looking for a new apartment themselves and make it all multi-stage transaction. No losses other than temporary.

Participation in the HBC

For whom: for those buying a property under construction.

Participation in building society — greetings from the past: in Soviet times, many have found apartments that way. Today it is legal (rights and obligations prescribed in the Housing code), but difficult option for those who want to buy an apartment in the construction phase: those who are willing to invest in the construction, be the shareholders and on completion receive housing.

Pros: the shareholders have the ability to control what their money goes.

Cons: the shareholders bear the costs of the maintenance of the HBC, to cover his debts, if any. While it is legally possible to exclude a person from HBC, depriving of the unit.

Less reliable options: prior to the entry into force of the law № 214-FZ "About participation in share building..." in 2005 was the very popular "gray schemes" — the preliminary agreement of sale, promissory note agreement.

Today they are banned, but many companies still use them," — says Oleg Repchenko, head of analytical portal "indicators of the real estate market."

Alas, if the client is deceived, these securities will not provide his rights.

Contribution "to the apartment"

For whom: for those who have the means to buy housing buildings.

Bank alternative equity construction works like this: you contract with the Bank and put money on Deposit (often interest free). These funds, the Bank invests in the construction of the house. When construction is completed, you will receive

rent yas acres  an apartment.

the apartment.

Pros: important — the price of the apartment fixed at the time of creation of the Deposit and is not growing.

A more reliable option: a special form of bonds — housing certificates from developers.

Less secure option: the assignment of legal entity, the previously popular, now banned — very often the legal entity thus give the apartment to several buyers.

Almost credit

For whom: for those who acquire housing on credit.

With mortgage funds in 2011 was committed 19.88 thousand transactions. For comparison, in 2010 there were only 16,3 thousand Some companies offer an alternative. For example, rent-to-own. In fact, this credit program, but no information about salary, insurance, etc. are executed. If you rent an apartment, and part of the monthly payment goes into the account its price. In 10-15 years you can pay the remaining amount and buy housing. But, with no work, you would not be in bondage to credit — may behave as if just rent yas acres an apartment.

Cons: the cost of housing is a smaller percentage of payments than with a loan.

Another option — installment. This mortgage is for those who has an impressive amount of funds.

— As a rule, the installment is provided by the developer for a period of 1-3 years, explained to us the company SU-155. — Initial payment — 30-50%, the remaining funds should be paid in equal installments for the specified time.

Cons: installment may be issued without interest (from developers), but maybe by 5-10%, which almost equates it to the mortgage.