Pre Purchase

There are many ways to help you in getting organised before investing in a very good looking and luxury property in Istanbul. Because you are acquiring real estate so there are many things that are important to know and check before investing in any property in Istanbul.

  • First of all it is important to acquire a solicitor that knows the legal system of Turkey. We can suggest you different reputable solicitors. However you can also choose to arrange your own solicitor. The main priority is to make sure you have Legal Support in your real estate investment here in Istanbul.

    Besides a solicitor it is also good to know locations for your Notary Services. You will need the services of a Notary multiple times during your arrangements for your investment in Istanbul.
  • Before you get into any real estate investment in Istanbul you should make sure that the necessary paperwork of the property owner is well organised. However we provide the research about the project or property here in Istanbul for you. First of all it is important to make sure that the developer or owner of the property has a Building & Planning Permission so we make sure that the most important element in real estate is in order. Besides sure there is a Construction Quality Report and all the Certificates are granted and very important that the Developer Creditability and Reputability is very high. Which is in general a very important aspect of investing in a luxury property in Istanbul
  • The project itself is also very important especially if this is an off plan project. Therefore we make sure we also check for each project or property if there are any Landscaping plans and Facilities planned for the projects. We make sure the Location and Area have been researched to be as convenient as possible for you this includes public Transport, amenities, and future development which are planned by the government.
  • The future of your property also means that it is important to think about the Title Deed Clearance for your recently purchased luxury property. As a investor or saver it may also be important to know the Capital Gain Estimation and Rental Income Expectation of your luxury property
  • Besides the real estate aspect we can also give you some information and guidance in Residency, Turkish Tax Number Registration, Opening a Turkish Bank Account and help you arrange Hotel Reservations. We can even help you hire a private car or van with a driver in Istanbul. However we provide our own transport for our meeting in our office in The Ritz Carlton here in Istanbul and also for the viewing trip we will take to see all the luxury properties that are suitable for you desires