Via Port Venezia

Place : Gaziosmanpasa, Istanbul (EU)
Project Area : 600.000m2
Construction Area : 82.000m2
Total Properties : 2200
Total Floor Count : 50
Block : 5
Property Types : 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom
Start Date : December 2011
End Date : November 2014
Social Activities :

Via Port Venezia is designed to delight everyone. It was structured not only with the best quality homes, But with social facilities where you can spend your free time in the best way without any boredom. With green areas and walking tracks, Via Port Venezia offers so many alternatives in one place including;  Designer Shopping Centre, Cinema, Bowling, Health Club, Indoor &Outdoor swimming pool, Food & Beverage, Walking Paths, Flower and Green Gardens, Children playground and a children club

Via Port Venezia is a multi-use real estate project located in Gaziosmanpasa District of Istanbul including residential blocks with 2500 units, a shopping mall with 70.000 m2 renting space, office buildings and social amenities.

It is jointly developed by the Turkish firm Bayraktar & Gürsoy Investment and Management Co. and Istanbul Metropolitian Municipality’s housing development corporation KIPTAS, right next to the Trans-European Motorway.
The project claims to offer an ‘upgraded’ Venice experience in Istanbul. The Venice concept is aggressively promoted in its advertisement campaign:  ’You no longer have to travel to Venice to experience Venice.

The delight of Venice with its historical texture, peerless water canals, and architectural esthetic is now in the European side of Istanbul…

Via Port Venezia has more- not less- to offer than Venice.

For instance Venice has gondolas and canals. So does our Venice…Via Port Venezia offers so many alternatives in one place, that a perfect life you could not even find in Venice awaits you on the European Side.’