The rating of the most expensive real estate in the world

1. The Principality Of Monaco

The cost per square meter in the most expensive capital in the world reaches more than 58 thousand $. The most prestigious districts recognized the Avenue D Ostende and Avenue Princess grace, where housing can be purchased for 190 thousand $ for 1 sq. m.

The Principality Of Monaco شقق للبيع في ابوظبي

Apartments and houses in Monaco quite not often offered for sale, and for this reason housing there is an increased demand, despite its very high شقق للبيع في ابوظبي price tag.

2. France

The leading positions belong to Paris and the French Riviera. The richness of attractions and beautiful landscapes are attracting to Paris the largest number of potential buyers. The resort area of cap Ferrat on the Cote d'azur is famous for its prestigious villas and hotels, the cost of meter cost of 51.8 thousand $

France yas acres

3. UK

This is due to many factors and reasons: 

  • - London airport Sly always takes leading positions on volume of global passenger traffic;
  • - London is the largest European city in terms of GDP;
  • - London is the financial capital of the world;
  • - the city is a large number of prestigious universities and memorable historic sites.

    UK yas acres

One of the most prestigious residential complexes in London — recently built One Hyde Park. The cost of 1 square meter starts from the level of 120 thousand €. On average, property prices in the UK capital reach 48.9 thousand $

4. Hong Kong

The city is the financial center of Asia and is developing rapidly. The popularity of Hong Kong caused by the following features:

  • - because of its small square in the city built a huge number of skyscrapers;
  • - Hong Kong is a major port;
  • - modern, even futuristic look of the city attracts many tourists and buyers of real estate.

    Hong Kong شقق للبيع في ابوظبي

Prices per metre range from 47 to 60 thousand $. The apartment is on SevenRoads located in the heart of the metropolis, will cost 120 thousand $ / sq. m.

5. Russia

In the heart of the Russian capital of Moscow in Ostozhenka district, are an elite residential complexes of club type.

Such objects are evaluated expensive for something that combines several styles: art Nouveau and modern architectural solutions. The price per square meter starts yas acres from $ 30 thousand €. In 2012, the apartment is in this district was bought at the price about 50 thousand € per square meter.

Russia yas acres